Folklabor Chicken? Chicken?
„The Slider in Advance” is an electronic folk music record by Philipp Mold, with Maria Augustin on vocals & flute. Here is the teaser!
2022 Remastered Version
New Bonus Track
Cover foto of the new release.
  1. Roadtruckers
  2. Satellite
  3. Synthesizer
  4. Fields
  5. Sid & Flute I
  6. Unwetter
  7. Sid & Flute III
  8. Alles vergeht
  9. Fireplace
  10. Sid & Flute II
Video by Karo Szmit

„Roadtruckers” is counter-attacked by waiting rooms, in all their splendor.

Video poster displaying a waiting room.
Original CD

Released 2008 by Angelika K√∂hlermann. „Roadtruckers” on FM4 Soundselection.

CD back cover of the original release.
Release Concert

A song about a house in this live video. Watch out for Roland Space-Echo live action!

Foto of a Folklabor live performance.